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What kind of business are you?

If you are importing, exporting, buying or selling currency around the world. The business will need to exchange money and make international payments.

Flexible Accounts

Regardless of size, we are here to enable you to seamlessly receive and transfer currency payments.  

Arraco FX offer you your own business collection accounts, saving you time and money at no cost.


Arraco FX can offer local and international payments; processed as fast as 15 minutes from receipt of funds.


When it comes to your money, we know transparency is key. At Arraco FX our technology will guide you through the whole exchange and transfer process, by giving you notifications in real time.  ​

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Corporate Hedging

Hedging provides you with a safety net, guaranteeing a price of exchange in the future, protecting you from potential market moves.  

Forward Buy or Sell

If the current market rate is beneficial for you, you may want to lock that price in today, for use in the future. You can do this by buying or selling a forward contract.

Fixed Forwards (set date) 

If you have an invoice which is future dated and has been agreed with your supplier. You can fix a rate to that particular date covering you from any downturn in the market.

Open Forwards (utilise any amount any time)

Booking an open forward gives the business flexibility throughout the year. You may draw down any amount  at any time throughout the year.   

Market Orders

Market orders are used by clients trying to achieve a price where the market is not currently. If, during the day or overnight the price reaches the level, it will automatically execute the order, giving the client the desired price.

Let us take some work off you

If you have a price in mind but the market has not quite reached this level, you can ask your account manager to place an order in the market. This can then allow you to get on with your day to day life/business without having to watch the markets. When the price achieves this rate, it will automatically be placed for you.



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