Our FX solutions will help take your cross-border payments to the next level.  We integrate international and local clearing into your payments and FX platform, enabling you to build the international banking experience your customers deserve.

A single IBAN that detects all 34 currencies. No more multiple Bank accounts & receiving fees.

We allow you to add international and local clearing as a service, seamlessly integrating into your existing platform and enabling you to build the international banking experience your customers deserve.

Unlike other banking service providers, our service works in the background, meaning you still have full control over the customer relationship, user experience and the pricing strategy.


multi-currency accounts created in customer's name

Hold funds in 34 currencies*

Receive funds from anyone

Pay out funds to anyone

*permitted jurisdictions and restricted countries apply

Features and Benefits

Improved customer service

Our clients can receive funds in  different currencies using unique  account details in their own name.

Easy integration

Easy to add into your current  platform via our APIs or Currencycloud Direct.

Reduce costs

You can hold money in 34 currencies,  minimizing the conversions of  inbound and outbound payments.

Transparency over fees

Payment fees and rates are clear and transparent so you know what to expect.

Securely automated

All funds are automatically screened  and reconciled - no more manual  processes that take days.

Flexible payments

You can pay in up to 33 currencies via SWIFT and 17 currencies locally.

Why is ARRACO FX different?

You as our client…

  • Manage your international business and build your customer experience anywhere

  • GPI Payment Tracking - Amazon Parcel Style

  • You don't need 10's of Bank Accounts


  • We are a trusted platform using Currency Cloud

  • PaymentTracking and transparency for your clients

  • We provide cloud-native, API-driven technology


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The APIs behind the scenes

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 11.03.59.png

The money flow

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Great Location

API toolkit for collections

Our platform utilises a broad range of our useful APIs, however for collections the following API  toolkit is available.

  • Authenticate

  • Find settlement accounts

  • Find funding accounts

  • Push notification sent

  • Get sender details

Support and Guidance

Our easy to use platform, Currency Cloud, is permitted in more than 55 countries worldwide. 

Find out more about the full list of countries that we operate in, and all the currencies that you can receive, convert and send money.